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My special SM sessions


Next group session in the afternoon on .....


Next group session in the evening on ......


Here is an activity that I love, my friends dominatrix and myself organize regularly groups session with some of our respective slaves.


I confess that since a friend of mine made me discover this kind of session I find out other sensations than with my conventional sessions with one slave.


Although for me the ideal, so that a sub can progress in SM, is to have a private intimate complicity with his Mistress in regular sessions where are mixed the complicity, the fear, the adrenaline and where every sense of your body are set in practise.


But in the groups sessions what makes me shudder is that we put in activity all these together and that the submissives discover practices which are impossible to achieve in a conventional session.

I sometimes have one of my female submissive which is present for these afternoons and then I am fulfil as well as the slaves who are present.


If you want to participate in our next groups session register yourself HERE

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