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To please me

If you want to give me one or another present when you are coming in session, following are those I will particularly enjoy.

- A bunch of flowers:

No real preference but roses are always nice to receive.

- A bottle of champagne:


- A perfume:

My favorite brand is these from a French fashion house where its foundress was known by the name of "Coco".
Watch your back if despite these both hints you have the wrong brand.

- A SM accessory:

SM material is always useful to complete my equipment in my dungeon and to increase the possible types of practice in this one.

- Opportunity to accompany me in a SM shop:

To do so you will first have to respond to all my expectations, whether you are primarily a good sub or slave, obedient to the slightest of my orders. In this case you will have perhaps the privilege to accompany me in a SM shop,
To offer me: A outfit in leather or in latex
A pair of shoes
A pair of waders
A SM accessory for my dungeon

If you wish to offer me a pleasure contact me by mail HERE it’s preferable.